Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Question of the Day....

If you had a legitimate chance to go back to Africa... if you were given 40 acres and a car to move to say... Liberia, or Ghana, or South Africa, would you go? Why or why not?

If I could take my family, heck yes. If I couldn't take my family, yes anyway. Frequent flier miles.

(I stole this from a forum at, but was interested to see what ya'll think.)

Who is the most overrated and underrated U.S. president in history?

I'm gonna have to go with overrated: Lincoln. Dude was NOT the "great emancipator" everyone thinks he was. In fact, the first Emancipation Proclamation said that if the south joined the north again within the year, they could continue to hold slaves. He was concerned with preserving the U.S., and not allowing the south to separate from the north than with abolishing slavery. After him, Billy Clinton folks. Check the Bilderberg list of attendees. His name is on it. Plus more black men went to prison under his watch with the 3 Strikes law.

Underrated: Eh. Everyone of these fools has been old and white. Who cares? But off the top, I'd say Jimmy Carter.


Monk said...

To get away from AmeriKKKa? Sounds tempting. But it's SO much bullshyt going on in some of those countries also.

I haven't done TOO much research, but from what I know from personal experience, Canada seems to be cool. That'll be my choice off the back.

ghettoManga said...

i'd hafta get more information before i would do it. i would probably wanna visit first... gotta see what i'm getting myself into, y'know!