Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Police Terrorism...Again

It kills me how, whenever there is a case of blatant injustice courtesy of America's criminal justice system-- like the cases of Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, etc... the first thing politicians and officials say is "don't resort to violence."

Yet, these same people condone the violence perpetuated by their own. In Philly, a swarm of like 15 officers brutally beat three suspects. They pulled them out of their car and beat the crap out of them.

Here's the video link:

Here's the story
, from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It's more detailed than the BBCs. Apparently the entire police force is "on edge" because an officer was killed this Saturday. As you can see, their actions are already being justified.

Imagine if we reacted the way these cops did every time we were frustrated at the senseless death of one of our own? The streets would constantly be in chaos, because guess what... police terrorism (not brutality, as so eloquently told me last week) is never-ending.

I've been thinking about this non-violent policy that black Americans have adopted. This idea that we should peacefully march and protest and that violence doesn't really solve anything-- it just adds to, or covers up the real problems. I'm by no means a violent person, but I think that's bullshit, to be frank. Think about every major revolution that's ever occurred. The American Revolution, the Civil War....the Crusades... and the list goes on. Blood was shed to make the bigger point. Again, I'm anti-war—seriously. I don't endorse it and I think it's evil. War is systematic and usually involves some struggle for power. A revolt, however- is in the name of freedom. Even the Egyptians were destroyed by water when Moses and his people were crossing the Red sea.

So why are black people the only ones that are consistently told that violence isn't the answer? Hell, it was violence that worked for Haiti when the slaves revolted in 1791. It was violence that worked when the slaves took over the Virgin Islands for about 6 months. Even when they were eventually defeated, slavery ended there nearly a full 80 years before it was abolished in the states. I can't help but think that's a direct result of the revolt.

When America felt imminently threatened after 9/11, what happened? We immediately went and dropped bombs. And ain't stopped dropping them yet.

Black people feel imminently threatened by the police. And justice, it seems, has not only consistently turned a blind eye, but spat in our faces when the time comes to accept responsibility and demand accountability from a fascist system. Yet, we're told to behave. We're told to be peaceful. We're told to host townhall meetings and forums that don't do shit but rehash phony rhetoric.

Maybe it's time for us to rethink this notion of non-violent reform, because time and time again, the system resolutely shows us that ain't nothin' changed.


Monk said...

You pretty much covered it all. SOMETHING'S got to give.

YaBoy Po said...

Same thing brother malcom said but our so called black leaders aint shit and everyone scared to do anything