Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dumb is the New Smart

When did dumb become the new smart?

Was it the moment idiots started taking reality TV as actual reality, and wondering non-stop why their lives aren't simple like Paris and Nicoles'? Why their actually isn't real like the retards and degenerates on the Real World? Why they can't find love, of any sex like Tila Tequila?

Was it when ignorant gold digging, weave flipping women were validated by New York and Superhead?

Was it when pop culture became American culture and the happenings of Brad Pitt, Angelina Joile, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears became common knowledge for all? Was it when some asshole got the bright idea to start calling Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck "Bennifer," spawning all the unoriginal combinations thereafter?

Was it when they passed the Patriot Act right under our noses and average Americans were to sheepish to realize what was going on?

Was it when America let Bush perform a modern day coup on the White House in 2000 without burning some shit down?

Was it when Black America was duped by Bill Clinton and sax playing, weed smoking, fellacio receiving lying ass? (3 Strikes. That's all I gotta say).

Was it when Bill O'Reilly became the highest rated show on Fox "News"?

Was it when folks started watching Fox "News" period?

Was it when they took prayer out of schools?

Was it when everyone started being all super accepting of every damn thing, instead of standing for something?

Was it when 30 became the new 20 and niggas started reverting back to their childhood instead of growing the f-ck up and accepting responsibility like every other freakin generation before us?

Was it when black women started wearing weaves?

Was it when white women started wearing weaves?

Was it when dudes started thinking it was cooler to chose their homies over a good woman?

This is the information age. At this point, you're only dumb if you chose to be. Hell, Harriet Tubman couldn't even read, but even she knew how to get free.


Monk said...

Dumb has always been the "new smart". Dummies were always the cool kids in school and they've gone on to be successful presidents, atheletes, musicians, and CEO's. 9 times out of 10, the valedictorian of your highschool is working for one of the "cool" (read dumb) kids now.


Dumb is just fucking dumb. It's never been cool, even to those who are stricken by it and accept it. Even they want better.

Problem is that smart people are usually punks. When you're scared to do your thing for the global audience, you'll always be "cool" to the locals, who probably knew you wouldn't get anywhere anyway.