Thursday, April 24, 2008

It It Me (Part 8)

Is it me or... Does anyone else wish someone would pelt Hilary Clinton's ass with an ink pen the next time she's giving a speech?
Really white lady. Sit your conservative -in-disguise ass down, dude. Actually, she really isn't even hiding any more, is she? But like, seriously, is it really that hard for you to succumb to a black man? This is not 1808... or is it??

My prediction: Hilary "wins" the nomination circa Bush in '00, Obama supporters don't turn out to vote for her ass and McCain gets in. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Is it me or... Does anyone else realize that the hipster shit is dead? I've been saying it since it started really growing legs in Atlanta a couple years ago. Then, I said it again. But this S.O.U.L. Purpose diss, "Lesson A" which as far as I can tell is fairly random, pretty much confirms the sentiments of the masses. Shit is lame.

What really takes the cake is that it's wholly unoriginal. As many, many folks have already pointed out, 3 Stacks was on this back in 1998. That's 10 years ago. The other problem with it is, it's fake. If you ask me, it's all part of this Notice Me! at all costs mentality my generation and the generation behind me is plugged into. Everyone wants to be seen, and that includes the very people who claim to be so disillusioned with the mainstream exhibitionist. In their so-called attempts to go against the grain, they actually end up conforming...And conforming to ugly, dumb shit, I might add. Like dude, it would be one thing if the music that was coming out of this scene was just super dope. But by and large it sounds regurgitated, and, well, wack. Which leads me to my next point...

Is it me or... is anyone else STILL not feeling this 80s shit? Again, I've said this before, but ya'll ain't listen. And look what's happened. Think about it, the emergence of the 80s, with all of it's cocaine, crack and Reagonomics was the beginning of the decline in music. Musicianship died and folks started picking up Casios instead of actual instruments, making way for that generic ass synth sound that too many people are overusing again. People stopped talking about actual issues... and started making simplified music that purposely steered away from anything that might cause folks to turn away from the newfound, overindulgent tendecies America at large started adopting.

We went from real vocalists, to "singers" who could barely hold a note, but now had the technology to manipulate their vocals after they left the booth. Videos got popular and the artist's physical attributes started outweighing their actual talent.

Dude, we went from Curtis Mayfield to Al. B Sure. From Minnie Ripperton to Paul Abdoul. From Earth, Wind & Fire to Milli Vanilli. You do the math.

Is it me or... is anyone else as disappointed in the Western Conference playoffs as I am? I mean, there have been some good games. The Utah-Houston series has been quite entertaining, even though as Encyclopeezia Brown points out, T-Mac is cursed. Poor thing. But damn, what is up with the Suns? And can we please fire George Karl immediately? I got all happy and whipped out all my Nuggets gear, thinking, heck we were only like 5 games behind the Lakers-- we can beat these dudes, even with our sorry defense. Eh... I'll be back to watching Sex & the City.

Is it me or... Is anyone else down to riot over these $3.66 gas prices? When it takes over $40 to fill up my freakin' DODGE NEON (actually I'm just guessing since my tank hasn't come close to being full since around February) you know it's time to throw some rocks, light a match...make some magic marker signs and protest, something.


Monk said...

I don't think that the "Notice Me! at all cost"-style of dressing is limited to our generation and the next one. I think it existed longer than that. To each his/her own though. If you wanna dress like everybody else in pursuit of looking different, then knock yourself out. In the words of NWA, "Get off the d*ck, you muthaf*ckin' carbon copy."

I don't mean to sound pessimistic, and I was starting to gain hope for Obama or Clinton getting elected, but after all that's been transpiring as of lately, I don't think they stand a chance. I hope I'm wrong also.

And, hey, I still love my 80's music. Shiiiidd...I wanna hear some Jets and some DeBarge right now.

Andrea said...

yeah... i love my 80s music too... but i feel you on terrible singing... lots of one hit wonders. but maybe thats been throughout the decades...

i hope you are wrong about the nomination. i think you feel like most of us do... but hillary and the dems will get PLAYED if they steal this nomination... and the repubs know this, and thats why they're recruiting their ppl to vote en mass!

and yeah... F*&K gas! seeing as though I'm tryin to tighten up anyway... i need to get my walkin on!

samax said...

i too, drive a dodge neon! and i've been THIS close to joining Al'Queda over these damn gas prices for a minute! if i drove an SUV, i would'a started sniping Oil Company Execs a long time ago...

i figure George Karl must have naked gay adultery photos of somebody, 'cause i would'a fired him right after game 4... on the court!