Friday, March 14, 2008

My Adidas

Man, I'm pretty excited about what's going on in the A lately. There's a few fresh musical "movements" that have been popping up over the past 5-6 months and I've found myself out way more than usual. At first I couldn't decide what the exact reason was-- the good music? The cool vibe at most of the places? The fact that I need to be out more to make sure the mag I'm the editor of isn't crappy? All of those are legitimate reasons, but, as I was taking the trash out the other day, the real reason hit me-- my Adidas'.
Dude. Anywhere that I can get away with wearing my shelltoes and not feel un-womanly (like I would at some of the "grown & sexy" venues), broke (like I would at some of the "young, rich & fly" venues) or weird (like at the "hood-make it rain-trapstar" events) is my kinda place.

So, I've been hanging out with the Fuggin Awesome crowd, the Radiant Kids' crowd and the Come Up Kids' stuff. A lot of kid stuff, I know. I don't know what's up with that actually. Bad childhood? Celebrating a rebirth? Eh. Anyways, good shit at these places. Makes me remember why I moved here in the first place-- all black folk ain't clones. Anyways, below is a list of acts you should google or myspace.

^^^^^The LabRatz^^^^^

-Small Eyez (check the piece I did on him in Creative Loafing a while back)
-Yelawolf (check the piece I did on him in this week's CL)
-Kayenne (again, check CL)
-Ms. Leah
-Pigeon John (actually L.A. based was RIPPED it at a show here recently)
-Scar (check for him in the upcoming April issue of AUC Magazine)
-PJ Morton
-DJ Princess Cut
-LabRatz (check for them in the Feb. issue of AUC Magazine)
-Soupy Jones

Anyways, I'm just hoping this whole new indie/art/hipster/buck-the-establishment scene doesn't get infiltrated by The MAN. Or get overly corny too quick (I'm sure it's coming- that's the nature of the beast). I probably would have to stop wearing my Adidas. And that would indeed be tragic.

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Anonymous said...

Would you happen to have Labratz contact info?
I wanna interview them for my radio show
Tha Bomb
Saturdays @ 10PM

Hit me up at