Monday, March 31, 2008

King Kong Lebron

"What if there were no niggaz only Masta Teachas?" --Erykah Badu, 2008.

Bet stuff like this wouldn't still be going on.... in 2008. And to think, Lebron is the first black man ever to "grace" Vogue's cover.

Now, Mizzo over at pretty much said it all. I've read a lot of comments suggesting that Lebron's "people" should have caught this. I'm suggesting that Lebron should have caught this. And, if he didn't see the cover before it went to print, he should at least have expressed outrage at the image. I understand that when you're taking pictures and caught up in the moment, the idea that the photographers and editors involved are trying to make you look like a Peter Jackson character may not cross your mind. But upon seeing this, he should have been livid, instead of making the half-ass statement he did, where he muttered somethin about how everything he does is gonna be criticized anyway, so who cares? Really, dude? Grow a pair already.

Again, this is 2008. And people wonder if racism is more persistent in American society than sexism.

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Monk said...

Racism is like dumb jocks...they'll always exist.