Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Greed (a familiar tale)

I was skimming and came across this story about a single mother of two who went from making $70,000/year to getting food from the Food Bank in a matter of weeks. Can't say I was's a common story. The American middle class has been eliminated. Most folks just ain't realized it yet.

Which leads me into the concept of American Greed. Theidea is nothing new- hell, the U.S. was built on it. But this mixtape is-- American Greed (produced by Divided Souls). Basically it's Jay Z's American Gangster remixed. It's dope. If you ask me, their title is far more fitting.

So check it out, and protect your pockets... save that Nintendo Wii and XBox 360 for another, brighter day. As Willie D insightfully said, "F-ck a Playstation, my bills don't vacation." Word.

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