Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Starting Line Up (Feb. edition)

I'm always thinking about who would be my starting 5 emcees if there ever was a super rap-off, team battle to take place. All teams would consist of 5 players with one coming off the bench. Of course, my super team changes like the wind, but here it is as of Feb. 2008.

Killer Mike- Point Guard. He's energized, agile and a natural born leader (wait till you read my interview with him that I did for AUC Magazine). Because he's so overlooked, he remains hungry and will out hustle anyone in his vicinity. He's the Baron Davis of rap.

Andre 3000- Shooting guard.
Hands down, he's the best...period. He can set the tempo of the game, even when he's not in the spotlight, or resting on the bench. He's the Kobe Bryant of rap (no offense, Dre...I'm talking skill, not personality).

Devin the Dude- Small Forward. The dude has the talent and charisma to outshine anyone, but is so low-key and humble, he makes the entire team better. He's the Shawn Marion of rap.

Pharoahe Monch-Power Forward. He's grounded and can be a go-to guy that can easily crush opponents, or can lay back and just be a needed, if not always recognized, presence in the game. He's the Rasheed Wallace of rap.

Scarface-Center. Uncle Face is a stabilizing force in the game. He can play with anyone, and always retain the best aspects of his game. He's seen it all and plays with the poise, class and precision of a seasoned vet. He's the Hakeem Olajuwon of rap.

Phonte-6th Man. Off the bench, he's versatile enough to fill the shoes of most anyone in the game--battle, storytelling, reality rap. He's the Antonio McDyess of rap.


Monk said...

Nice squad but where's the white boy?? You know you can't have an all-star team without that white boy. His fundamental skillz are exceptional like that of a Tim Duncan and he's as sure of a shot as Billups making a free throw. Marshall Mathers is still very relevant...

jacinta said...

In what world? Slim Shady LP- excellent. Marshall Mathers LP- Changed music. The Eminem Show- good. After that... eh.


This was, once again, a dope post.