Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's Make the Niggers Drink Pee! (R.Kelly Did It)

Man, you want to know what the progress is like in South Africa since Apartheid ended in the early nineties? Take a look at THIS story.

In a nutshell some white students at Free State University in Bloemfontein, South Africa tricked black residence hall workers into drinking urine. The dumb asses made a video of it, their version of Fear Factor, and said the video represented what they thought of integration. Yes, you read that right-- INTEGRATION. Apparently the video was made back in September, but it's just surfacing this week. The students in the video were suspended and charges will be filed with the police.

Anyways, the black students rallied and five people were arrested during the protest. It's always funny to me how protesters end up arrested while many times the folks who are responsible for the outcry end up chillin. Those dudes were probably at home watching it on TV- laughing. Anwyays... I'm interested to see what else happens with this.

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southpeezy said...

if anything happens, we probably wont hear about...the news only reports to incite...