Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black is Good Enough For Me

What is it with "educated" black folks who support Obama's presidential bid feeling the need to constantly follow-up every positive thing they say about dude with... "And I'm not voting for him just because he's black!"

Uh... I am.

In this country, with it's history-- why ain't I entitled to vote for a presidential candidate just because he's black? I'd be a damn fool NOT TO. Let's get real people.

I was watching Lou Dobbs Tonight yesterday and he had four black commentators on there discussing the role race is playing in the democratic race...blah, blah, bullshit. But the overwhelming plot line to the babbling was that black people were voting for Obama, not because he's black, but because he's the "best man for the job!" The underlying point behind this declaration is that black people really do have the intelligence to skillfully dissect the "real issues" at hand and use their analysis and informed judgment to make a voting decision. Basically, we're still trying to prove our intelligence to white folks.

Well, here's a reality check people-- voting for Obama just because he's black, is in actuality, the intelligent thing to do. Is Hilary, John, or any of the republicans going to really be as innately connected to the black experience and the things that need to happen politically for black people to get ahead in society as Obama-- a black man? The answer is, no. And explanations aside, I'd much rather look at Obama sitting in the oval office than any one of those other white folks running.

Does that make me simple? If so, I don't give a hot damn.

After Lou Dobbs went off, the next show did some segment where they were interviewing executives from the automotive industry. One was a black woman, the other a white man. Towards the end of the segment, the host asked them which candidate they thought would be best to help the plight of their industry. The black woman literally began stammering and stuttering. You could tell she was thinking if she said Obama, she would be falling into exactly what the white host and her white counterpart thought she would say, and that would somehow make her appear less intelligent. In the end, she chose not to answer at all, saying she couldn't make a decision at this time. Next, the question fell to the white executive. Quick as a wink dude blurted out, "Mitt Romney!"-- and quite proudly I might add.

Black folks, get with the program. There's nothing wrong with voting for Obama just because he's black. If you need more incentive, know that white people have been doing it since the beginning of time. Just watch American Idol.

So the next time someone asks you why you're voting for Obama, cut the bullshit and say it loud: "CUZ HE'S BLACK, SUCKAAAAS!!!"


Dollarado Jae said...

I'm gonna vote for him just on G.P ( I dont give a damn) its HISTORY... I have concerns as to how america will treat him if he is elected though... I would hate to see him become the "fall guy" for our problems.. and then just like Bush gets clowned on every thing smoking.. Next they will be saying shit about "thats what we get for putting a N***er is office.. Either way it goes.. Im gonna vote for the guy... I just hope the racists dont try to kill him for it..

Monk said...

I'm witchu 100% on this joint. Them other niggas ain't gonna look out for my best interest...THAT'S for sure!!

datDUDEc0minthru said...

yeah niggas is goin wild round me, I think me and all my niggas gonna vote for this cat. fuck, he aint perfect but I aint votin no cracka ass GOP or a fake ass dyke into office neither.

I Sort Glass said...

I say if you actually vote, you vote for the person that you feel is the best equipped to do the job. Voting for dude because he's black, bleh...I think the niggah's a robot anyway.Dude has no soul in site he's suspect as the rest of them. The question remains though if it so happens that the man you want to get in office actually gets in office what is the next step. If you even believe that presidential race shit is even real then you should also believe that the government is for the people by the people and it's the people's responsibility to affect change beyond the idea that now we got this dude we voted for in and everything is all good. Niggahs always waiting for someone to save them or deliver them from evil. If you want things to change you have to be active and make those things change not wait for some savior to do it.

This funny faced dude McCain is gonna win anyway...

clyde said...


disguise it if ur ashame to say who you are supporting
OBAMA snitches!