Tuesday, January 15, 2008

advertising execs take heed

Would someone please send these lame advertising folks the memo that Hip Hop is no longer the cool thing in pop culture? Really, dude. It gave up the ghost like 2 years ago. Let it go.

That Visa check card commercial with the people pop-locking their way to the check out counter in their corny, flaming pink and blue bright colored "hip hop" clothes is dumb as hell. I mean, who really dresses like that?

And I know it's been out for a little minute, but when did Alvin & the Chipmunks start wearing dookie ropes? Let it go, people. Let it go. You've milked it dry. Go find another cow.

Oh, and on some other randomness...I apparently have never seen a McGriddle before, but i just saw a commercial for it and it scared the crap out of me. Like, who eats food with big ass logos stamped on it? As if in the middle of eating it you were going to suddenly forget where you got it from? I dunno, my friend M&M told me I'm hella late and dumb for even writing about something that's been out for years...He's probably right.

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Monk said...

Yo, I saw that check card commercial and really couldn't believe my eyes. That shyt was a Hot. Damn. Mess!! It was borderline offensive as if they were making a mockery of Hip Hop. *SMH*