Thursday, December 13, 2007

when i reminisce over you...

So I've been trying to write to this beat for like 3 months. For real. I'm on a mission to not write a bunch of depressing shit. It's been a problem for me, because I've always been more inclined to write when I'm troubled, upset or irritated about something. So, with this particular track, I've been trying my darndest to write some happy, upbeat, fa-la-la-la type Common shit. It ain't working.

I think, given the day, I will instead turn it into a reflective song about loss... you know, kinda like CL Smooth's "Reminisce" or something. It's a sad day in Hip Hop, but I get the feeling most people don't really realize just what has been lost. Therefore, I will break down the rappers/producers who just might not be around had it not been for the genius of Chad Butler.

• Tela- On Piece of Mind, Tela displayed his brilliance-- the ability to weave intricate stories, and deliver songs w/ depth, while still keeping the lyrics relatively simple and pimped out. Listen to early UGK albums (that's pre-Ridin Dirty). They were clearly Pimp's shows and he did exactly what Tela perfected on his first project.

• T.I.- I've often compared T.I. to Tela-- especially on Tip's first album. The laid-back flow, the pimp tales, the natural cool he emitted while still being aware of his mistakes and the world around him. If Tela influenced TIP and Pimp influenced Tela-- then again you see Chad's musical span.

• Jazzy Pha- Remember back when Jazzy was producing jamming ass works for Tela, Too Short, early TI, early Dave Hollister? The deep, candy/funk bass lines, heavy drums, pimped-out organs, soulful riffs-- that sound is part Memphis (Jazzy's daddy was a Bar-Kay) and part early-mid nineties TX...a sound Pimp helped to define. Plus, like Pimp, Jazzy sings w/ that old school styling and has a personality that sometimes is even larger than the music he makes.

• Sean Paul (from Youngbloodz). I don't think this needs any explanation. Just listen to "85 South."

The list could go on and on, but with the first three at least, you can see how much they've influenced music themselves-- making Pimp's genius even more undeniable. I hope ya'll will go back and listen to some of UGK's early records. They really are the essence of southern Hip Hop and really, new southern soul.

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Damon said...

"85" is one of my favorite YoungBloodz' songs and it's partially due to Sean P's verse on there. I never really noticed the similarities in their styles until you just pointed it out.

He'll be missed.