Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Day You're Here...

I remember the first time I realized that I really had a thing for UGK. I was sitting at home in my basement, hanging with my uncle, who because of his age was really more like an older cousin. We were listening to resonating chorus, "one day you're here...and then you're gone...." I was way too young to truly understand the ever-present relevance of that song. I just knew it was bumping. Just like I knew "Feds" (Bun's crowning solo moment) and "F- My Car" were jamming. Anyway, my uncle and I listened to that song for like 2 hours on repeat that day.

Today, I'm tired of writing R.I.P. (insert blank) on my myspace page or under my gmail tag. Tired. I went to a few rap websites just hours after Pimp's death and noticed it was no longer the top story. In the past couple of years, have we really become that desensitized to young people dying? Or, are the sites representative of the terrible state of hip hop journalism? You know, writers/hip hop enthusiasts pretend to be concerned about the loss of this man's life, but as soon as the new next thing occurs, his life and legacy becomes nothing more than a convenient hip hop catch phrase that'll be splattered on tacky t-shirts and on graffiti walls in rap videos for about two months. Or...and I hate to say it-- maybe it's because these writers really don't understand Pimp's legacy. Maybe the first time they ever heard of UGK was on Jay's "Big Pimpin'." I felt much the same way when Mac Dre died...who has gotten more recognition and respect in death than he ever did alive.

These days, it seems like all we do is die and get sentenced.

I'd like to say "change is gon' come" 1960's negro-style, but the truth is-- I think that's more rhetoric than reality. More catch-phrase than truth. We live in a time where shit happens, then it's on to the next. There's never any real reflection. Never any real empathy--the kind that brings about understanding and reformation.

How much do you wanna bet that people will be concerned about Pimp's untimely death while it's the "hip hop" thing to do, but by the end of the month (or day) will be back to reporting on who Lil Wayne was kissing at a damn basketball game?

Anyways. I ramble sometimes. The point is,

Rest in peace, Chad.

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southpeezy said...

man...i keep wanting to cry man. UGK spat words and ideals that I live by...to hear people speak as if all they did was rap about candy paint and whatever infuriates me...yeah, some of them new-school Texas niggas may be limited to that....but not Pimp and Bun....R.I.T Pimp C.